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How Canese came to be

In the summer of 2014, the creator of Canese, Pearu, lost his dear family member Alfonso. Alfonso was a 4-year old American staffordshire terrier who just loved exploring the world. Unfortunately, one of their adventures had a tragic ending both for the owner and Alfonso. His loyal friend drowned in a lake near their home. Alfonso always liked to have a closer look on the miracles of the world, Pearu was well aware of that fact. At that point he couldn’t imagine that such a great gadget around his friend’s neck could help to prevent such accident. With the help of a collar with a tracking device, the owner knows exactly where their pet is at the moment. If only t had been like that with Alfonso.

After the accident, Pearu composed himself and decided to plan and create a much needed and unique product on Estonian markets in the honor of Alfonso’s memory. He did that in the hope to prevent such accidents in the future. After coming up with the plan he acquired the necessary means and began the realization phase – and so OÜ Canese was created in 2015. Under the name of Canese, the company produces and markets pet collars with tracking devices.

The aim of the product is to help with preventing tragedies, like the one that struck Pearu’s dear friend Alfonso.

My good friend and the founder of Canese, Pearu, is rather clever though he himself claims to be of a dreamer type. He lost his dear friend, who was also a great adventurer. None of could and wanted to imagine anything like that. His journey ended too early even in dog years. Pearu was determined, he created a plan and decided to give his best. Such tragedies can be avoided! Isn’t he a cool guy?

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