Canese Dog

canese facebookHello Friend!

I am the Canese dog, my name is Viper. Who am I and why am I called the Canese dog?
More than once I have thought…

“Ooowwww, life is an adventure! I’ll explore the world by myself! I know my owner will be worried but the desire for an adventure is too strong.”

No hole is too small or hedge too tall for me – I will always find a way to escape. For example, I once climbed over the fence by the hedge roots and even used an old iron garbage bin as a springboard. When I was caught I froze and pretended nothing had happened. But once or twice I was successful and got away! Then they surrounded the garden with a chainlink fence, which is when I learned to dig. I tried to dig my way out for couple of times, do you have any idea, how long it takes?! I’m almost giving up but patiently waiting for that next winter rich of snow. Then will come my chance to discover the world!

Sounds familiar? Did you know that thousands of pets flee their homes every year. Dear friend, be on guard and keep their eye on them! And if it still happens, we have a good recommendation exactly for you. With Canese collar you will be able to find your friend without trouble! Less heartache for you and more joy of reunion for your friend.

Doesn’t it sound like an awesome deal! I think so, which is why I’m known as the Canese dog.

Let’s get to know each other

Viper my real name. I am a white-black-grey-brown varicoloured malamute. I have brown eyes and I’m already 6 years old.
canese koer istub

I’m a wanderer by nature but also love human company. There’s no end to my cleverness and foxiness – I know exactly the roles of my family members and how to get best treats from them. If necessary, I will make a cute face but if forbidden something, I find myself annoyed and have to struggle to not let it show. I’m not afraid of other dogs and approach them in a friendly way. I’m curious and first smell, and then decide if I should gnaw on it or play with it. No, I’m not an attacker but I can still show some teeth! If another dog should get mad at me, I will respond with the same. But otherwise I’m very friendly and playful!

We, malamutes, cannot bark so I have also given up howling. Meanwhile, I still enjoy „speaking“. Especially when someone from the family comes home or wants to take me on a walk. I also like my friends, family and other friendly people. I immensely enjoy being scratched and dragging random items out into the yard. I guard them with care and sometimes even hide them deep underground, so I could dig them out and play with them later! It’s also fun to hide slippers and scuffs, oh the fun my owner always has! And right, I’m a big meat lover, a true carnivore.

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I’m a good dog but don’t like being combed, washed or relieved of my precious toys I’ve guarded so carefully. I have my fun, when in a playful mood I like to flail my paws and snap gently. The biggest brawl begins when I take the courage to take a bite out of something tasty on the table. I mean, others can! I don’t do that often, as it’s boring to sit in the hallway alone afterwards, while „contemplating my decisions“. But still, if I’m in the mood I will catch my prey and run into hiding.

I have the most respect for my owner’s mom as she has the habit of putting that nasty muzzle on my snout and for some reason she also likes cutting my nails. I should have a „talk“ with her about all that.

Sooo, what else? Oh yes, I’m also an eager guardian, even when laying horizontally in the yard. You see, in the summer I love finding a nice cool place for myself where I can enjoy myself and keep an eye on other family members. I sense danger from afar and it’s my duty to warn others.


Favorite activities: Going on walks. Enjoying myself, especially when I’m being scratched.
Favourite colour: Good question, they say that we don’t perceive the colours the same way. For you it is red, brown for me. For you it is green, yellow for me. Go figure, how it actually is.
Favourite food: Meat, minced meat, pig ears, tails…nomm – it’s all delicious!
Favourite sleeping position: I like to experiment – they’re all my favourite.
Best friend: My owner, of course! But yes, I’m generally great friends with everyone who bring me food and take me on walks!

It has been nice to meet you, ooowwww!
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