Conditions of Sale

Validity of conditions of sale

  1. The conditions of sale apply between the buyer from online store (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer) and the company Canese OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store) for the purchase of goods and services.
  2. In addition to these terms, the purchase of goods from the online store is legally regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter referred to as the LOA), Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the CPA) and other legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
  3. The Online Store reserves the right to make amendments in the conditions of sale. The mentioned amendments will be reflected on the webpage

Price information

  1. All prices at the online store include 20% VAT.
  2. For purchases with the total price of less than 150 euros, transport fee will be added to the price according to the mean of delivery chosen by the Consumer (2,69 euros for Omniva).
  3. The prices are valid from placing the order until the expiration of payment date of the order (3 days after placing the order).
  4. If the order has been placed before changing the conditions of sale or the prices, conditions valid during the placement of the order shall be applied to regulate the legal relationship between the Consumer and the Online Store.
  5. The Online Store reserves the right to make amendments in the prices. The mentioned amendments will be reflected on the webpage

Placement of an order

  1. Add your desired products to the basket.
  2. For placing an order, first click on the link “Proceed to checkout” in the basket.
  3. Then, make the choice whether you would like to make this order as a single one or as a loyalty customer (if there is such choice in the online store).
  4. On the placement of an order page, kindly fill in the required fields, choose a suitable mean of delivery and click “Order with the obligation of payment”. After that, the invoice will be displayed, which you can conveniently pay via online bank (Swedbank, SEB, Sampo, Nordea etc.) or by other payment solutions as an euro payment in the bank. Information of the euro payment with all applicable state taxes and additional fees will be shown in the displayed invoice after the confirmation of the order.
  5. Carefully fill in the fields on the data and order confirmation page, because the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided ensures a quick and smooth delivery of the purchased goods as well as the possible subsequent settlement of disputes and claims.
  6. Orders placed at the online store shall be handled during workdays (Mo-Fr, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.). If the order is placed after 2 p.m. on Friday, it shall be handled on next Monday. Among means of delivery, you can also choose “self pick-up”.

Entry into force of the contract of sale

  1. By concluding a contract of sales, the online store undertakes to provide the Consumer the already existing goods, the ones being prepared or those acquired in the future by the online store, and to make possible the transfer of ownership to the Consumer. The Consumer on his behalf undertakes to pay the online store for the ordered goods the sum indicated in the invoice and accept these goods.
  2. Unpaid orders shall be cancelled three days after the placement of the order.
  3. The contract of sales shall enter into force after the receipt of payment by the Consumer to the bank account of the Online Store.

Return policy

  1. After receiving the order, the Consumer is entitled to terminate the contract concluded with the online store without giving any reason within 14 days (depending on the products or services, the Consumer may not have the right of withdrawal. In that case, such products and services must be listed and the must comply with Article 53, section 4 of LOA). The standard withdrawal form can be found here: Standard withdrawal form.
  2. In case of deterioration of condition of a returnable object, the Consumer shall be responsible for the decrease in value resulting from the use of this object only if he has used the object any way that is not necessary to make sure its nature, properties and functioning. In order to make sure the nature, properties and functioning of the object, the Consumer must handle it the same way he would be allowed to handle it normally at the store.
  3. For the return of goods, an application for the withdrawal from the Purchase of Goods must be submitted, the form of which can be found here: Withdrawal application. The filled in form must be sent to no later than 14 days after the receipt of goods.
  4. The Consumer must return the goods within 14 days after submitting the application or provide proof that he has within the abovementioned period handed over the goods to a logistics company.
  5. The Customer does not have to return the goods via a logistics company if the online store has agreed to pick up the goods itself.
  6. Upon the receipt of the withdrawal application, the online store shall return the Consumer without delay, and no later than within 14 days, all fees received from the Consumer in accordance with the contract, and among others, delivery costs of the object used by the Consumer, that except in case where the Consumer has expressly chosen another mean of delivery than the cheapest one offered by the company. In such case, the Online Store is not obliged to return the Consumer these costs that exceed the one resulting from the ordinary mean of delivery.

Force majeure

  1. The Online Store is not liable for damages caused to the Consumer or for a delayed delivery, if the damage or the delayed delivery is caused by circumstances that the Online Store could not affect or predict.

Claims procedure

  1. The Online Store is liable for the deficiencies or non-compliance with the terms of contract of goods sold to the Consumer and that occur within two years after the delivery of goods to the Consumer.
  2. If such deficiency occurs, the Consumer is entitled to contact the Online Store within two months by submitting the invoice paid upon the purchase of goods.
  3. In case of deficiency, please stop using these goods.
  4. The repairing or replacing of defective goods shall be agreed upon between the Online Store and the Consumer. The Online Store shall carry the costs of repair.
  5. The Online Store is not responsible for deficiencies occurred for the Consumer’s fault, caused by improper storage or a non-targeted use.
  6. In case of non-compliance of goods with the requirements or if defects appear, kindly submit a claim to, indicating the name of the person who submitted the order, contact phone, number of the order and a precise description of a non-compliance or defect.
  7. In case of discovery of a non-compliance or defect, the claim must be submitted within two months after the discovery of such non-compliance or defect of the product.
  8. All claims will be reviewed and the Consumer will be contacted as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after the receipt of the claim.
  9. The Consumer is entitled to require the Online Store a price reduction or termination of contract and a full refund for the purchased good, if the Online Store cannot repair or replace the good, the repair or replacement fails, the Online Store has not managed to fix the problem within a reasonable period of time or the Consumer has suffered undue inconveniences.

Consumer’s right to contact the Consumer Disputes Committee

If the Online Store has refused to settle the Consumer’s complaint or the Consumer does not agree with the solution offered by the Online Store, finding that his rights have been violated or his interests have been damaged, the Consumer has the right to submit a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee through the Consumer Protection Board, or to a court institution. The Consumer may file a complaint by himself or through a representative. Consumer Disputes Committee’s contact details can be fount at the webpage of the Consumer Protection Board, in case of problems arising in the member states of the European Union, European Consumer Centre should be addressed.