The top quality dog tracking device using GPS and GSM parallel positioning technology allows you to monitor your dog and find them if they go missing. The set includes Canese tracking device for your pet, battery charger, free adjustable collar with a reflector and a free SIM-card set.

The device’s battery lasts for a maximum of 7 days and is shock- and waterproof – conforms to IPX 67 standard.

Canese mobile application allows you to track your pet in real-time, see the history of where your pet has been, set a geofence and get notified as soon as your pet leaves the specified area. Canese mobile application works on iOs and Android platform. The App can be downloaded for free. For first 6-month Canse mobile application is for free and later mobile application monthly payment is 6.99 EUR.

Mobile app features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geofence
  • No SIM-card fees
  • Battery level notification
  • History
  • 6 month free to use Canese app
  • Customer support
  • 2 people can track device in mobile application
  • Track as many dogs as you want

Download Canese App from here:



Product Information
Canese mobiil
The era of smart devices has now reached your pet! With Canese App you can follow the movement of your pet in real time and save their motion history. You can download the App from iOs or Android App Store.
Canese mobiil
„((Beep-beep)), I am here and moving there!“ With just one phone call you will receive a notification text with relevant information right onto your phone. No additional costs for using the SIM.
Canese mobiil
If you've lost sight of your pet you can find him or her quickly and with ease.
Canese mobiil
You will be able to find your pet both from a distant part in woods or your neighbor’s garden. Canese device works with GSM-/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, precise positioning guaranteed!
Canese mobiil
Geofence is a new function in Canese mobile application. Set a geofence and get notified as soon as your pet leaves the specified area!