How big is the device?
Answer: Device dimensions are 70mmx37mmx20mm

Is the device waterproof?
Answer: The device conforms to IPX-6 standard or is waterproof. It can stand rain, snow, hale, mud, etc. Unfortunately it’s not suitable for diving.

Does the device have a working range?
Answer: The device has no working range, information is transmitted via satellites and radio masts. This means that your dog can be in the other corner of the country and you can still locate them without trouble.

Does the SIM-card included with the device have a monthly fee?
Answer: It’s a common starter kit of an Estonian mobile operator with a starter sum already loaded on it. Tracking device uses text messages, meaning you will pay the text message fee of the mobile operator. There is no monthly fee but if the starter sum runs out, the customer must load more on the card.

Does the product come with a warranty?
Answer: Irrespective of if the product was purchased from a store or online, according to EU regulations you will always have the right for a minimum of a free two-year warranty. We will replace a defective product with a new one or, if the customer prefers that, refund the purchase in full. Meanwhile, we do not replace products that are physically damaged (broken with force, chewed, sunken etc.).

Do I need the newest smartphone to use the device?
Answer: The device works with all smartphones and both on Android and iOS platforms.

Is the device suitable for smaller dogs?
Answer: We have tried it on dogs in different sizes, it is clear that there are some difficulties with fitting it on the smallest of dogs. But it fits dogs the size of Basenji and Jack Russell terrier perfectly.

Is it safe for the dog?
Answer: The device does not interfere with the dog’s everyday life and is perfectly safe.


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