1. Canese tracking device for your pet, battery charger, free adjustable collar with a reflector and a free SIM-card set
  2. Please enter 19-digital SIM-card activation code in the box below
  3. Canese team will activate your SIM-card in 24 hours
  4. Insert SIM-card into device, golden chip part pointing down
  5. Turn on the device in outdoor spaces
Activate Telia SIM-card


Mobile Application

  1. Download mobile application Canese from your app store (iOs or Android)
  2. Launch the app and sign up
  3. Log in
  4. Choose buy app license from menu and buy app licence
  5. After purchasing app license service is activates automatically
  6. Choose My Devices from menu and install your product, fill all asked gaps
  7. Go to My Devices, Choose your device and after that send set admin nr, Turn GPRS on and Set APN commands

googleplay  appstore

User Manual

Download the User Manual (in pdf format) here.

Canese user manual cover

Video Guide

Also, check our Canese Vimeo account to see other fun videos.


Hi Buddy, if you have any questions please check
the FAQ or write us – 
it’s as simple as that!
Canese team will get back to you asap *Howl*